Alice Comandulli

Alice Comandulli

New York, NY, US


Factory and Nature - Exhibition

The exhibition of Architecture Design Studio final projects comes from the desire of disseminating topics and researches usually dedicated only to the academic field. The aim was to rethink the industrial area of Nera Montoro through a comprehensive strategy that sew together fragmented spaces and uneven existing functions, giving emphasis to quality and to the design of open spaces and networks.

The exhibition was held in the former convent of San Domenico in Narni, which is now used as an auditorium. The theme is divided into three areas that exploit the characteristic church’s shape surrounding by chapels. The project drawings are mounted on boards, both mobile and fixed, using simple materials such as metallic clamps, and wire nylon. The project’s models are exposed using wooden coils of the factory as supports. This event turned out to be a great opportunity to witness the commitment, the strength and the desire of young architects to try to change things, to transform spaces and landscapes ending up with utopian scenarios and visions.

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Status: Built
Location: Narni, IT
My Role: Curator