Matthew Sama

Matthew Sama

Schenectady, NY, US


Circa Pod

Circa Pod is a business travel service that seeks to keep its users on their circadian rhythm no matter their location. The self adjusting pod is a system in which the occupant is able to escape the pains of travel and more importantly the side effects of jetlag normally experienced on short business travels. The service is a envisioned as a collaboration between the capsule hotels seen in the Yotel model and a travel company such as delta airlines. The circa pod situates itself within these two infrastructures as a retrofitted unit.

Access to the service is through the web interface which can be downloaded onto a cellular device for the occupants immediate convenience. When a consumer logs into the system they are directed to upload their business agenda, including dates of travel and location, and daily schedule (eating, exercise, bathing). The system will then upload their home atmospheric conditions of lighting and temperature based on their time zone and local weather, these conditions will then be input to the appropriate pod.

The circadian pod is thus a self adjusting atmospheric apparatus suited specifically to the occupants internal clock for an optimized sleeping environment and daily schedule not matter what your location.

The circa pod works by harmonizing with the 4th dimension, TIME, by regulating the influences of light, temperature, noise and daily routine. Incorporated into the pod is a layer of thermal insulation, sound proofing, as well as a lighting and thermal mediating spine. Within the pod there is an operable bed that can be adjusted to take take the form of a seat, there is also a control panel which allows the occupant to adjust lighting and temperature according, it also provides buttons for assistance, emergency, and bathroom as well as power supply and internet access.

After a consumer has logged in all their specific data to the system they will be given a docking station where they will be able to log their information into any pod using the bar code from their cellular device. After being situated into a pod, a bus will arrive and the pods will be removed from docking and uploaded for transport to the airport.

The service utilizes one of the largest cargo planes, the an 225 “Antonov”, as an existing empty infrastructure for the upload of a retrofitted aggregated spine of pods.

The aggregation uploaded into the airplane is in itself a closed environment when all pods are plugged in. The encompassing environment of the pods is in itself self-adjusting, when an occupant needs to use the bathroom or take a shower (other pods other than their own) a button is pressed and their pods information is uploaded to the environment. Although the occupant leaves their environment, they are never leaving their environment.

When arriving at their destination circa pod will be removed from the airport aggregation and once again moved onto the bus for transport where it will be brought to the circa pod hotel located in the area of existing accommodations as a means of embedding itself within the existing business travel infrastructure.

The street level of the hotel typology is an unfamiliar site incorporating a loading dock scheme once again. After the bus delivers pods from the local airport the pods are moved into their rooms through an external elevator, literally moving the pods up the facade of the and then uploading them into the core of the building. Once situated the pod communicates with its new environment, adjusting the lighting and temperature of the room.

The hotel typology also incorporates a dining level for hotel residents as well as community and local travelers to meet and dine, its beveled walls emphasizing the loading dock below. The floors above the dining area are conference centers for circadian service users. Based on the occupants business arrangements and internal clock, as well as the other business travelers that will be in conference, the system chooses a meeting time. At this time occupants will enter the pods in their hotel rooms and once again be un-docked and uploaded into the conference environment. Here the pod external uploads to a lighting and thermal spine, similar to that found within the pod, directing the occupant to their appropriate seating.

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