Oscar Ramirez

Oscar Ramirez

Miami, FL, US


Private Residence (Design Development)

The project involved the design of a private residence in Miami Beach, FL. The lot is approximately 7,200 SF. It is anticipated that the home will have 3,400 SF of indoor living space. The home is a new elevated 2-story structure on pilotis and will have an occupied roof deck. The design took influence from some famous Miami homes designed by Alfred Browning Parker, and Casa Gerassi designed by Paolo Mendes la Rocha. The home also needed to abide to the new Miami beach zoning code so the B.F.E. of the land drove some of the decision making when it came to layout and circulation. Throughout the process, the design was presented to the Miami Beach DRB a total of 4 times, and a total of 2 appeals that were issued by the surrounding neighbors of the island.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Miami Beach
My Role: Designer