Ricardo Largaespada

Ricardo Largaespada

Miami, FL, US


Small, Green, Affordable (USGBC Natural Talent Design Competition)

This was a school project and competition entry during my second year in the Master's Program. The objective was to develop an energy-efficient single-family house in the Broadmoor Neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. The focuses was mainly environmental design that will not only change architectural practice, but to embrace the knowledge of green design to the community. The house itself is assembled off-site that will have minimal impact to the environment. Another aspect is operating the house off grid, meaning that the building has to connection with the main electrical and water services. Instead, the house is powered through solar energy, and rainwater collection strategies allow to used rainwater for irrigation and plumbing services. Other environment strategies including natural ventilation through the skylights and windows, and natural heating and cooling through phase-changing materials in the interiors. Yet most importantly, the house complements the typological architecture in Broadmoor (shotgun house) while being environmentally conscious.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New Orleans, LA, US