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Tampa, FL, US

Public Housing renovation projects
Public Housing renovation projects

Tampa Housing Authority

The Authority's Five-Year Capital Plan provides for 2,906 scattered site housing units were both comprehensively and selectively modernized. Meanwhile, the Authority  met its goal of completing rehab of all development sites by the end of fiscal year 2006. The remaining developments, North Boulevard Homes and Robles Park Village, consisting of 1113 units combined,
are being progressively modernized to assure the provision of safe, sanitary and decent housing
The Housing Authority is still reviewing various options of redevelopment activities for the two big sites. Meanwhile, the Authority
is undertaking sustainable actions of selective modernization in order to continue providing a habitable environment that is of
quality, sanitary and safe for our residents. Tampa Housing Authority is still conducting selective modernization at the developments
previously modernized in order to maintain sustainability.
The design document for Moses White development (pictured right), located on Diana Street next to
Seminole Park Apartments, has been completed. The Authority intended to proceed with new construction
of 69 units but later decided to pursue acquisition of existing development due to the national financial
crisis that crippled the housing market. The Authority is still looking at other relative options that will
better serve the use of that site in conjunction with adjacent development - Seminole Park Apartments.
With the anticipation of the capital fund stimulus funding under the American Recovery Act of 2009, the
Housing Authority sees the opportunity to redevelop Moses White Apartments. The complete funding for
the redevelopment project will come from the CFP Stimulus and RHF grant. The construction of the 69
units is estimated to start by September, 2009.

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