Daniel Saltee

Daniel Saltee

Ventura, CA, US



Project Team: Josh Pittman, Daniel Saltee


Taking into consideration the context of the existing site, Trafalgar Square already lends its self to a predisposed
disadvantage to engaging the public realm as the urban designer original planned.  We wanted to critique the original design intent and create an environment that induces large diversified public gatherings, juxtapose to the existing condition.


The Information Kiosk by design  only serves a single user.  Providing a uniform experience for each user,
negating the personalized needs of the individual and discriminating against the masses.  In today’s world, technology lends itself to instantaneous distribution of information, adapting to not only the user needs but providing a user experience in the process.  It is necessary to provide information through experience and allow the user to pick and choose which experience they would like to participate in.  A successful information experience creates an intertwined connection with its users, capable of serving both the peripheral and specific needs of each individual.


A successful information pavilion in Trafalgar Square for the 2012 Summer Olympics, needs to provide more usable plaza space to accommodate the population growth in London during the Olympic Games,  and also facilitate a personal and communal sensory experience.  The design proposal illustrated below rebels against the restrictive
intentions of the site.  Pushing down the barriers put in place by its original designer,  this INFOSCAPE provides the platform for  interaction, gathering, and informative thought.   The user needs and comfort are at the core of the design, giving them the choice on which level of interaction they want to proceed with.   The Infoscape begins with introducing two raised podiums over the existing fountains, thereby overcoming the plazas abnormal unusable area.   The platforms then gesture to the existing context on each end of the site creating a roof canopy on one end and a reflective pool on the other.  With the intention of facilitating London's short term needs of the 2012 Olympic Games, the informationscape is designed as a site specific permanent solution to the current urban shortcomings of Trafalgar Square.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: London, GB