Martina Radochova

Martina Radochova

Uherske Hradiste, CZ


Old Town Square

Project is trying to respond to current public space, it is adjusting and supplementing it. Old Town Square is connecting many streets, there are most important  views and connections with other parts of Old Town . In close proximity we can also find a large number of enclosed public spaces such as Ungelt or a lot of passages. We can not therefore determine which street is the entrance, a square is the hub of important roads of Prague. This feature is also reflected in the composition of  proposed complex of buildings.

The proposal is designed as a set of three buildings, the internal environment is matched only visually. Physically creates four new urban elements:
1) creates a dignified intimate little square before the portal of the church of St. Nicholas, one obtains due to its significance worthy partner. Space could then serve as a meeting point, or is suitable for smaller public musical performace.
2) restores  St. Nicholas Street, which is now subjected to endless space . The lane is partially closed information center is partially lined avenue that follows the
3) internal park, which is now located in an area of restaurant garden. On the other hand there  is  a peaceful place of rest and relaxation missing. The park has the form of the Franciscan Garden near Wenceslas Square (a variation on the monastery gardens)
4) there is a centralized space adjacent to all three buildings (optically divided into two parts). This inner space is to serve the needs of all three institutions (CT, NO, PIS), particularly for thematic and musical theater (motion) performace, outdoor installation, or as a garden for the proposed café.

Functional diagram:

The proposed system is used to create optimal conditions for the activities of the Czech Centre, Czech Tourism and PINs.
The concept includes the following functional components:

Home - South Building:
- Exhibition areas, multifunctional hall, rooms for workshops
- Space for the model of Prague
- Sale of souvenirs, I write under the direction of
- Cafe
- Administration
- Accommodation

West building - the information center:
- The provision of tourist information (PIS + CT)
- Presentation of the Regions

East Building - Trade Zone:
. commercial activities-

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Status: School Project
Location: Prague, CZ