Alec Woletz

Alec Woletz

River Vale, NJ, US


Live-Work Townhouse for Two Therapists

In my project I explored the possibilities of an architecture that responds to changes in the users’ behaviors.  There are many activities that people perform in their homes, and given the small area of our site, I decided to make efficient use of that site by creating spaces designated for multiple activities.  These activities can change according to the day to day lives of the clients or they may change on a seasonal basis.

The site is an urban infill typology in Orange, NJ.  The clients are two brothers who own a physical therapy practice.  One brother has a wife and three children.  The other brother is engaged and plans to have children in the future.  The program calls for a live-work situation that includes space for two separate residences and an area for physical therapy.

Only the most important spaces in each unit change.  Those spaces are the living rooms of each residence and the physical therapy space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Orange, NJ, US