Pil hyun Hwang

Pil hyun Hwang

Los Angeles, CA, US



Institute for Design & Textile Technology


The thesis of IDTT is about the educational program.  The project will be more efficient for students.  In the process folded cloth converted to be the envelope of the IDTT.  In the similar way, crossing or weaving space inside is related to circulation in this school.  Firstly, doors slide open creating an expaned space.  Secondly, overlapping and shifting the horizontal organization makes open space on the floor and below floor simultaneously.  The outdoor hall is not only the open space but also a space for circulation.  Thirdly, the solution of the structure is hanging the top frame like IIT Crown Hall.  Substructure is the perimeter is designed by using irregular ways to organize the crossing of the curve from folded cloth.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US