Jyotsna Sivaguru

Jyotsna Sivaguru

Arlington, MA, US


Place / Pattern

The goal of the installation was to create a sense of PLACE by altering existing PATTERNS of people-movement subtly by addition of elements foreign to the landscape. The additions would make people take notice and appreciate the daily-used surroundings and path.
We were given a material called the  'Home Slicker', which was a yellow mesh-like material to be used by all the teams. We used different techniques - draping, twisting, wrapping to guide the eye as one walked down the path, to the final destination - a clearing in the woods where bright colored furniture pieces invited one to take a moment to enjoy the landscape.

Temporary Installation in Irquois Street Woods, Mission Hill neighborhood in Boston.
Competition Entry for the Common Boston Common Build Design Challenge- a 72 hour design build competition in the city of Boston.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mission Hill, Boston, MA