Rufus Kerr

Rufus Kerr



Frédéric Borel Architecte - professional projects

Grand Quevilly:

The first task given to me was to construct the final model of the smallest building in Grand Quevilly, which can be seen on this page. Borel has very intricate models that require the utmost precision and attention to detail. The concrete structure was to be modeled from museum board, the facades with a colored museum board and the foundation from chipboard. From there I was asked to come up with different designs for the staircase leading to the building. I spent a few days sketching and making study models until I came up with the staircase shown below. Though it wasmy favorite, Borel went with another one of my designs seen on the previous page. After completion of the smallest building, I started constructing the towers seen on the opposite page using similar
techniques and materials. When both buildings were complete I was introduced to Cinema 4D and asked to do some Photoshop touchups of the image seen on the previous page. 


Villeneuve St. Georges:

After two months of my internship at Borel’s office I was asked to take on a renovation project in the south of Paris on my own. This was an opportunity that I could have never foreseen and it was an honor for me to be a part of the creative process. The project first called for transforming extremely shoddy floor plans and elevations from fifty years ago into working CAD drawings. It took me two weeks to transfer everything from the copied relics to useable documents with correct dimensions. Afterwards I was asked to design a ramp system, a lodge for workers in the rear of the building, and a fence and gate system for the perimeter. My first attempts were more in my style than Borels and used a lot of curves. As time progressed I developed a since of his style though he encouraged me to follow my own. I created construction documents, study models, tons of sketches, site plans, and a floor plan of the lodge before completing these renderings. When I left the project went to the only other Junior Architect, Elodie Villadier. I should also mention that I was not allowed to copy files from the computer at work, which explains the unfortunate lack of material for this project. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Paris, FR