Rufus Kerr

Rufus Kerr



610 Dwelling

The 610 dwelling was created during a three-week project at the beginning of second year that focused on learning 3ds Max. There were no parameters for the project asides from modeling a dwelling for a family. For materials I chose to use mostly concrete and glass to give it a brutal aesthetic. When designing the building I strived to create as many views directed outwards over the hill as I could. As one progresses through the house, the views open up, while the opposite side is quite sheltered. If you look closely I chose to incorporate my previous garage project into this one. I did this mainly because this was the first time in school we were allowed to use computer programs for a project, and I was curious to see how it would render. This project’s purpose was meant to serve as a learning experience rather than focus on design, but I believe that without any parameters or restraints it led to a decent outcome. 

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Status: School Project