Derek Sunghoon Lee

Derek Sunghoon Lee

New York, NY, US


The Dream Division, Driverless Car Showroom

My mission and goal is to create a display showroom for the future driverless car. The space is dynamic with many different areas where people can easily test cars in a fast way and enjoy using sophisticated technology systems such as Robotics.

Other showrooms have test driving outside of the showroom.  What if the test driving happened IN the showroom? Since this showroom is for a car that drives itself, this is highlighted and put on display. The ramp for the cars becomes the unifying element that determines the shape of the building and the layout of the spaces inside. In addition, it becomes part of the experience of the space; there is no barrier between what the showroom is displaying and it’s potential customers, as they are allowed to look and, even test a car right in the same space.

The existing building is shaped as a rectangle spanning from 54th to 55th street along the hudson parkway. The location of the building allows people to experience its entirety while passing by. The unique curve that is surrounding the building leads people in from both side streets allowing a balanced entrance.The curve creates two seperate public zones along the highway. as people walk through the curve, the view of these public areas creates the notion of movement and welcomes people.

The dream division is designed with the idea of melting curved lights that are installed in every space. The purpose of having a gigantic light comes from the idea of clouds that gives a feeling of flowing through the space. The light itself also relates to the shape of the vehicles, the space, as well as the exterior. there are 3 gigantic lights in each level. It is custom made by white curved 3form material.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US