giulia gallo

giulia gallo

New York, NY, US



With arch. Paolo Omodei Salè, arch. Federico Pellizari

The plan regards the transformation of free spaces in contexts difficult to analyse, as those situated around the big communication routes.
The goal is the planning of areas located at the interior of a big space called “sport triangle”, 150 hectares large, in the south of Brescia.
About 320,000 square metres of this territories are occupied by water.It’s planned an extention of 230,000 cubic metres .
There is the possibility of realizing a big park with sheets of water, unique in Italy. The park will be used not only for sport events but also for free time, and it will be reached by car or by metrobus or throught the cycle paths which links the area to the near districts.

Abandoned quarries are very interesting sites for various motivations.
One of these reason lies in the fact that the extraction of material modifies a site’s potential (in addition to its aesthetic appeal) and, in practice, almost always renders impossible a return to its original state. The project, in this case, will identify solutions not directly connected with the conditions previous to the opening of the quarry, but consequential to the presence of a new situation; quarries are mute and eloquent witness to something that cannot be erased, incised as it is in space and time.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Brescia, IT