David Curtis

David Curtis

SF Bay area, CA

screen sample from C4G video
screen sample from C4G video

Bill Clinton Loves Harry Reid

GRN Governor candidate David Curtis went to hear Bill Clinton at a Harry Reid rally in Las Vegas on June 10th, 2010 and was questioned by the Secret Service.

Originally posted to Green Change: 06.11.2010

By: David Curtis edits: 07.30.2017

...I’m sitting in the back of a large gym at Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, in the bleachers, reading a book. A plain clothes security person in a black t-shirt points at me and asks me to come with him, so I do. He takes me to the vestibule of a public restroom. There are two other men. A Secret Service man (or something, I didn't really read the ID) shows me ID. There is a Metropolitan Police officer also.

(portions of the exchange:)

SS: The reason we brought you back here is someone complained.
DC: Complained about what? (I was sitting there reading a book?)
SS: What’s your name?
DC: David Curtis.
SS: Do you have any weapons or drugs in your bag?
DC: I think I have a Swiss army knife.
SS: A Swiss army knife, were you in the military?
DC: No.

(SS goes through my bag, thumbs through my notepad)

SS: What's this? (points to a sketch in my notepad)

DC: It's a sketch of the fire place at my house.

SS: Are you a Harry Reid supporter?

DC: Well the GOP candidate (for Senate) isn’t any good, I’m the Green Party candidate for Governor…

SS: The Green Party candidate for Governor...what’s the Green Party?

DC: You know...uh, Ralph Nader…ran for president a few times…uh, we're environmental
SS: How would you characterize the Green Party is it closer to the Republicans or to the Democrats in the political spectrum?
DC: It’s sort of in the middle of them...I guess.
SS: Why are you here tonight?
DC: To hear Clinton. I've never heard him live before. He's sort of a celebrity. It’s a little weird since I’m running against Reid’s kid, I’ll just stay in the back and be quiet…
SS: How do you feel about president Clinton, do you have any ill feelings towards him?
DC: I’ve never heard him speak live, I thought it was a little weird that there were no metal detectors.
SS: Metal detectors? Why?
DC: You know, a public place...
SS: Where do you live?
DC: ...In Las Vegas.
SS: How did you get here?
DC: I drove my (redacted) car.
SS: Your (redacted) car... well, just so we are on the same page here, we're going to let you go back out there, but there are a lot of cops here tonight, so no going up for pictures or shaking hands.

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Status: Demolished
Location: Las Vegas, NV, US
My Role: I was an invited guest of the Reid campaign
Additional Credits: Paranoia in general and the US Government