Christopher Ball

Christopher Ball

Houston, TX, US


Clinic and Supportive Housing for Central Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a dynamic city, and the central
site, at the intersection of Grand and Washington, exemplifies
these conditions. Cars flying at 60 miles an hour
down the 10 form the border to the northeast side of
the site. Opposite the highway, a heavily trafficked surface
light rail station creates the south western border
of the site. Immediately adjacent to the site is Skid Row,
a trade school, a hospital corridor, and an ever growing
presence by the University of Southern California. There
exists a Korean church, which adapts to its growing
population by buying up existing adjacent buildings.
So the challenge of designing a clinic and 100
units of transitional ‘Health to Housing’ is reconciling
all of these influences with the needs of the formerly
homeless occupants because they have very different
needs with regards to public and private space. I sought
to create within the project varying gradients of privacy.
Some boundaries are physical, some are simply implied.
Visual, audible, and haptic connections are offered
throughout the strategy.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US