Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Columbus, OH, US

Site Plan
Site Plan

Villa del Este

Downtown San Diego, California has come a long way in recent decades from being a left behind core to a vibrant center of commerce, shopping, and entertainment. Because of this activity, people are being drawn to the area as new residents, and the redevelopment has grown outside the core into the neighboring East Village.

Facing the projected population of the future, East Village is positioning itself to become the rebirth of “City Living” within the downtown district of San Diego. Building upon East Village’s lack of identity provides an opportunity to create a community environment mixed with social, economical and academic relations while maintaining residential needs.

The recent revitalization of the southern end of East Village provides a catalyst for future and present demographic trends within the area to build upon. The proposed site design will blend East Village within downtown San Diego for future generations.

The site proposal is divided into four phases:
1) a large urban park, surrounded by commercial, office, and residential structures, as well as major
focal points such as an urban farmers’ market and a community center;
2) mixed-use developments across from City College and Trolley stations along Park Blvd.;
3) additonal infill mixed-use development; and
4) retail and commercial development on the southeast corner of the area.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: San Diego, CA, US