Eric Lee Lopez

Eric Lee Lopez

Los Angeles, CA, US


Floral Bot

The Floralbot is an investigation of combining two aesthetics to define a new language. The formal exploration combines the organic form of a flower and incorporates the aesthetics of a robot in pop culture. The details and the joints of the robot were deconstructed and applied to the basic form of the flower.
The secondary goal of the project was to rapid prototype the floralbots parts so that they can be easily assembled. In architecture there are two ways to join parts, the first being a chemical join and the second a mechanical joint. The studio focused on using a formal joint which shares similarities with a mechanical joint, but relies primarily on the shape of a combine forms. The process is similar to a puzzle but deals with the connection in three dimensions.
Contemporary architecture has historically used 3-D digital modeling primarily as a representational media, but in the 21st century the gap between the digital model and the construction process has narrowed. The goal of this project was to resolve this disjunction on a micro scale.

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Status: School Project