Valeria Lassalle

Valeria Lassalle

Los Angeles, CA, US


Design Against The Elements

Creating a low budget housing development in the Philippines which would withstand the strong winds of typhoons and the forces of flooding.

Housing Units:
Three different types of units were created to house different user types. These three units are then organized together into the different cluster types. The mixture of the units allows for interaction between individuals which would otherwise not usually interact with each other. The clusters, as well as the site, are set to create different levels of interaction. Each of the units is provided with an outdoor private deck. These are private yet allow forvisual connection between the individuals. A more public deck feature is created by the aggregation of the units for all users to utilize. The deck is set up for the use of
the residents as well as visitors. A specific point of interest, as well as food markets set up by the residents, would bring visitors into the cluster’s deck activating
the interaction between users.

Two anchor points on both ends of the site are developed to create a connection path. The anchor points become public aspects of the development to activate it. The housing development is then set along that connection path activating the users’ and visitors’ interaction. The circulation of the site is then in linear form from one end to the other, yet creating visual connection points to the unit clusters along the way. Differents levels of interactions are then ceated with the different levels of steping and decking. The specific stacking of the units creates passages between them allowing for maximum natural ventilation throughout the whole site.

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Status: School Project