Payam Rad

Payam Rad

San Diego, CA, US


Contemporary Art Museum

This project is a proposal of new "Contemporary Art Museum” in the city of Hunters Hill, Australia, and a few miles west of downtown Sydney. The site is prominent waterfront on the south of Tarban Bay that has been historically part of the flood plain up to recent years; consequently, it is one of the few undeveloped sites in the old city of Hunters Hill. 

Inspired by surrounding water and beautiful greenery, the museum is intended to emphasize nature as an art form, as well as incorporate essential natural influences into the design of the building; hence the museum is not only hosting art, but is also inspired by nature itself.

The project’s design intentions are relate building siting and form to this immediate bay, creek and forest context; incorporate essential natural forces into the building design and reflect nature's transitory qualities in the building design (such as changes in land status due to possible fluctuation of water level); and illustrate the opposition of curatorial needs and destructive natural forces (such as safe keeping of the art when water level changes or sun exposure and its effect on preserving the art pieces).

In view of the history of this region and its artistic and poetic location, introducing the site-specific museum of art becomes even more important.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hunters Hill, AU