John Paananen

John Paananen

Portland, OR, US


Suburban Tipi

The Suburban Tipi was installed at the Cranbrook Academy of Art's Maija Grotell Court, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA from November 2006 to June 2007.

Paananen worked in a state of experiential research and design where changes were made as he resided in it.  Currently, it is installed at Aguafina Gardens International in Sylvan Lake, Michigan. 

The structure is clad in PVC siding over polypropylene fluted sheet sheathing over a structure of engineered timbers.  The interior is finished with plastic laminate flooring, a recessed concrete fire pit, carpet tile, and translucent polypropylene and hardboard paneling.  The Suburban Tipi is 16' tall, 18' in diameter, and 255 square feet. 

The concept takes the fused nomadic home designs of the yurt, tipi, and igloo and confines them in a straitjacket of suburban values, materials, and methods of construction.

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Status: Built
Location: Sylvan Lake, MI, US