Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee

Los Angeles, CA, US



       The s.kyblue solar house developed by the University of Kentucky was built around the idea of utilizing local products to help support the local economy. The design of the house was based on the principles of the Shakers, who are endogenous to the bluegrass region. Ninety percent of the materials that were during the construction process are found within the area. This included everything from the cherry and white maple veneer on the cabinets to the cement board façade. The Automated Weather Adaptive Response Energy (AWARE) system used in the house was also developed at the University of Kentucky. This system allows the resident to monitor and control the energy usage.

My work with the s.kyblue house included:


Details- I worked on most of the unresolved details during the construction of the house. This primarily work dealt with the metal work and framing issues.


Leadership- I took on a leadership role during the construction phase of the s.kyblue house. This was due in part to my construction background. My responsibilities were onsite supervising, developing punch lists, and helping to keep the project on time and making sure we had the materials when we needed them.


Fabrication- I designed and fabricated much of the details on the south side of the house everything ranging from the solar panel mounting brackets, cutting and welding the aluminum solar thermal frame, and fabricating and installing the turncoat stainless steel siding out of raw sheets. I also worked on the bump outs on the east and west side of the house, mainly on the roofing and flashing design. I also worked on the compartments to conceal shut off bracers for the solar panels. I was also involved in many other aspects of the construction process.


Assembly and tours- I was part of the core team to assemble the house on the National Mall and involved in competing in competition events and testing. In addition to this, I also gave tours of our solar house and several media interviews about the house.


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Status: Built