Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee

Los Angeles, CA, US


A place to observe and mark time competition award winner

When approaching the structure, the massive walls draw visitors in and up the steps.  The coolness of the shade and pool draw them through the dark passageway, which serves as a gateway to the living quarters of the structure.  Upon entering the subterranean courtyard of the dwelling space, the calm pool guides one’s path toward the foot of the steps where one is released from the coolness and shade of the courtyard into the bright light of the desert and the presence of the great tower is revealed.  At the foot of the tower, a choice must be made to either walk along the exterior of the tower, which is exposed to the elements, or to make a journey into the interior of the tower, which is cool and protected from the elements.  The tower provides an ending terminus to the journey. It exposes a magnificent view of the surrounding dunes and rolling hills, provides a way of marking time, and is an amazing place to view the heavens.


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Status: Competition Entry