Alma Jauregui

Alma Jauregui

Pico Rivera, CA, US

Rendered section through main circulation space
Rendered section through main circulation space
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NoHo Cinematheque

“To transcend film through space”, is the architectonic philosophy behind the North Hollywood Cinematheque. Extensive consideration of structure, circulation and natural systems is developed in the Cinematheque concerning both specific and large-scale issues. Some of the primary issues surrounding the theater include its immediate cultural and social climate under which it was designed, the specific programs it had to accommodate and structurally combining all these details into one comprehensive provocative building. More importantly, this project addresses the greater environmental and experiential issues of the building, in that it must accommodate a certain level of ambiguity while also providing a comprehensive system that work seamlessly together, this being the primary concern lying behind the success of the North Hollywood Cinematheque.

Team members: Khristeen Decastro, Alma Jauregui, Phillip Mandery

Instructor: Nick Roberts

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Status: School Project
Location: North Hollywood, CA, US