Alma Jauregui

Alma Jauregui

Pico Rivera, CA, US


Learning Green

Each school within Los Angeles must deal with a few issues which dictate the school’s ability to reach each individual student, and at the forefront of this task are teachers, shortly followed by school resources; it has become imperative to make more efficient use of time and space during the school day. 
Implementing a garden into schools has proved to be a fruitful endeavor for many students, and innovative teachers are generating creative lessons integrating gardens into multiple subjects to maximize the garden’s efficiency. Here rests a conflict with the implementation of such gardens, as the cost to produce the garden does not necessarily offset the alternatives, and gardens require space and storage facilities which are scarce on many campuses. Thus a proposal must be made that is cost effective, space efficient, transdisciplinary; and can solve other issues on campus such as, heat islands, drainage, and act multivalent.
This proposal aims to be an outdoor classroom, a teaching aid, an educational topic, a gathering space and seating space while attempting not to interfere with the existing campus. The garden utilizes the 20 sq. ft. footprint, with a perimeter that is a bench/storage bin. In the center are four separate garden pockets, which make use of a 2x4 structure, clad with a light weight chain link fence fabric, to suspend a geo-textile fabric that holds soil and plant life above the ground. This system allows for air to flow around the soil and above it, promoting healthier crops and soil.


Alma Jauregui & Phillip Mandery

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US