Jacob Green

Jacob Green

Newport Beach, CA, US


Type: San Francisco

Architecture, as I see it, can be more socially informed, taking design cues from the way people are as opposed to adhering to guidelines whose purpose is merely to ensure maximum financial gain with minimal financial expenditures.  As such, this is a design proposal that takes a social subset of the San Francisco urban landscape, and designs for the specific needs of it.  The goal of the design is to study the homosexual population of the city, observing communication trends, exchanges, document them and set up a construct upon which the community can benefit through design.  The living situations have all been designed to accommodate specific relationship types that exist within the gay community and arrange them as to promote communication that otherwise (given the communication trends that exist) would not exist.  The primary modes of circulation between residences occurs between and with connecting nodes (which connect two units), the interiors of which include common areas to be shared between occupants, promoting a community situation, that fundamentally is strongly encouraged, but realistically, has yet to be embraced.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US