Andrew Edmonson

Andrew Edmonson

Ruston, LA, US


"The Fragile" Graduate Thesis

Architecture at its essence is a multi-sensory experience that has the ability to move and inspire. It is through these experiences that one can find meaning in the often-meaningless built environment. These images are taken from my graduate thesis . Its aim was to investigate the role of architecture enhancing our everyday experiences by evoking in us a deeply felt thought, memory, or sensation that can be perceived with our whole “trembling” being. At this point, architecture becomes, as
Pallasmaa stated, an architecture of fragility. Five main points, ontologically speaking, galvanize an architecture of fragility: delicacy, time, detail, sensation, and nature.
This thesis was tested by designing a meaningful space and place, a place of fragile architecture, through the renovation and adaptive reuse of the abandoned St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in New Orleans, LA. It is through the haptic perception of the architecture that the community can, once again, worship, receive the sacraments, and thrive.

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Status: School Project
Location: New Orleans, LA, US