Andrew Edmonson

Andrew Edmonson

Ruston, LA, US


"Prosthetic Device" Installation. Married student housing, Louisiana Tech University.

The intent of this project was to instill in us, the students, the ability to communicate an idea in various mediums, transitioning between cognitive and visual representation. We were asked to document phenomenolgical information obtained from the site through the hands-on process of making, intervention, and modification. This process was to help us understand how material and spatial characteristics are perceived through the human senses, as well as, address how intangible, site-specific information may influence the qualities and configuration of an architectural space. The site was the married student housing dorms on Louisiana Tech’s South Campus. There were five projects installed from 5 different student teams.  Each team was given a specific primary material to work with. Ours was string. The concept driving the installation was how to communicate “infinite measure” primarily using string.

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Status: Built
Location: Ruston, LA. Married student housing dorms on campus,