Laura Booth

Laura Booth

Dallas, TX, US


Tulsa Vision Project

The goal of the Tulsa Vision Project was to create community connections through the built environment and the surrounding spaces. The development seeks to attract people back to the urban setting, leaving behind the dependency on the vehicle. By bringing a host of amenities within a walking proximity to the individual, he or she now has the opportunity to become incorporated with the community. The project also seeks to integrate sustainability through the individual into the community; to push green architecture past the realm of the built environment into the urban infrastructure through the intelligence of innovative design. The city of Tulsa, now a new international venue, and the promise of healthy growth and development has an opportunity to stir the environmental world into a very prosperous, sustainable direction. With the integration of this project and creating a new environment, the city will move in a successful direction, bringing about diversity within every niche of the community. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma