Steven Sze

Steven Sze

New York, NY, US



The challenge of The New Ground was developing a design school in a dense urban setting of Shanghai. Because the site was a historic district, destroying the existing buildings was not an option. To address this complication, the school is raised 60’ into the air literally creating a new ground plane above the site. Because of the large amount of program required for the school, the school is divided up into corresponding parts to still allow light to the buildings below it. To further increase the amount of light the site get, the fenestration for the school is aligned and derived from all the voids that exist below. Lastly, a series of paths unify the four parts of the school and extend slightly beyond in the direction of other related locales across the greater Shanghai area. Despite being perceived as a separate entity, the school continually establishes connections with the site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Shanghai, CN