Robert Kown

Robert Kown

Nashville, TN, US


Fish Hatchery: An Anchor on the Waterfront, Designed to Educate

This fish hatchery visitor’s center explores the ways in which material relationships can impact learning. A concrete shell anchors the structure to the river’s edge, while a wooden footbridge provides entry and serves to tether the massive structure to the shore.

The vertical circulation core   light throughout the building. Here, the subtle diffusion of light experienced connects visitors with the sensation of being submerged in water.

Further reinforcing this is the material transitions felt as one moves from the depths of the structure to the rooftop overlook. A steel and wooden structure rests within the massive concrete shell, and are introduced as one processes upwards throughout the building. The tactile nature of inhabiting the water’s edge is reinforced by creating transitional experiences in materials and light.

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Status: School Project
Location: Elizabethton, TN, US