Brittany N Wong

Brittany N Wong

State College, PA, US


mixed-use urban infill | senior capstone project

6044 Geary Boulevard / Central Richmond District
>> 2500 square-feet / 3 floors / 5 residential units & 1 commerical unit
Geary Boulevard is a main east-west thoroughfare for San Francisco, connecting the district to the downtown area on the east side.  By focusing on infill housing in a dense city, the building grows and develops an urban area by promoting infill projects on vacant lots.  This project is based on adaptability; creating living spaces that are flexible and convertible to meet the needs of its users over different life cycles so that they are able to live in the same place for long periods of time without needing to move because their residence no longer meets their lifestyle needs.  By doing so, residents form and maintain a ‘sense of place’ and a ‘sense of belonging,’ which is often lost in the hustle and bustle of city life.

Digital _ Revit Architecture 2011 / AutoCAD 2008 / SketchUp Pro / Illustrator CS3

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US