Amanda Gann

Amanda Gann

Washington, D.C.

Perf(a)rmance Landsc(r)aper - 40
Perf(a)rmance Landsc(r)aper - 40" by 80" Board

perf(a)rmance landsc(r)aper

Perf(a)rmance landsc(r)aper physically and metaphorically scrapes the surface of the landscape surrounding 30th Street Station to uncover the potentials of the transformation of the para-industrial landscape. Through strategies of remediation and programmatic redistribution, the area can become more inviting to the people traveling through the transportation hub. Connectivity to the West will encourage travelers to interact with members of the local community through trade of goods and food. As with many medieval cities, the market was the center of the city. In Paris, Les Halles served as a precedent for the power of food to bring people to gather and allow for further social engagement.  Reading Terminal Market in Center City Philadelphia is an existing example of a functioning market landscape. By extending that programmatic function to the West, it can becomes a catalyst for the redevelopment of Market Street as a pedestrian friendly, socially engaging area. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
My Role: Lead Designer
Additional Credits: Primary Critic: Ted Shelton
Additional Critics: Jennifer Akerman and Sam Rogers