Rygelle Dowding

Rygelle Dowding

Warren, NY, US


The Rules

This project emphasized how elements like point, line, plane and volume work together in architectural space. The variations of space were controlled by specified sizes and quantities of footprint shapes arranged onto an 8x8 inch square. Every arrangement was examined for the presence of the Ten Rules.

These rules are as follows:
Open/Closed, Non-symmetrical, Figure-ground ambiguity, Alignment, Group or system of elements, Hierarchy of space, Flow/Circulation, Grids, Extendability and Proportion.

The shapes represented in the footprint were also represented three-dimensionally by using a ‘kit-of-parts’ that comprised of rods (points), plates (planes) and cubes (volumes). Each arrangement was then mirrored and multiplied to create arrangements depicting Cluster, Liner and Grid.

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Status: School Project