Rygelle Dowding

Rygelle Dowding

Warren, NY, US



“Start from the center, at the very heart of the circle from where the whole thing derives its source and meaning: and here we come back again to that forgotten, outcast word, the soul.”
-Georges Rouault.

This site gesture model tells the story of the function of the Re-Ligare center in direct relation to the unique Boulder, CO site. The model shows the evolution of the emotions of the people as they come into the center. They enter in a chaotic emotional state and through the relaxing reflective and introspective services provided by the center, they can slowly unwind and allow their stresses to dissipate out into the mountain view. In very much the same way, the building itself emphasizes the difference of the before and after feelings as is possesses closed off entrances progressing towards seemingly open ended social and meditation spaces alike.

As far as the site model, I chose to represent the way the site serves as a transitional space from the plains of the Midwest to the rocky mountain range. I emphasized the function of the space to be built and depicted one side of this threshold to be chaotic and hazy. After passing through the building which serves as a threshold, there is a resonance of calm radiating out onto the landscape. From this, the views from the site become the driving force for design. This main idea of views had an important role to play in the laying out of the program for this project. Each ‘tower’ space would represent one of the three elements outlined by the concept: Resonance – Social, Vast – Reflection, Dissolve – Relaxation.

The first view oriented towards the city of Boulder is the more social area that contains the performance hall, dance rooms, weight rooms and yoga rooms. The second view is oriented
towards the iconic Flat Irons off in the distance down the line of mountains; this is the area of reflection for spaces like the library and the meditation and worship spaces. The third view
is oriented towards the mountains directly behind our site and houses the relaxation spaces such as massage and treatment rooms.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boulder, CO, US