Rygelle Dowding

Rygelle Dowding

Warren, NY, US



This project’s aim is to challenge the idea of Fargo car culture by consolidating
parking from the indicated Blocks 5 and 10 and therefore opening up the
east/west corridor of 2nd Ave N to development and pedestrian traffic.
Fargo is a city to which people drive. This project will create a centralized hub
in the downtown area that designates a new place for the automobile.

1) Increase street level activity by opening buildings on all edges of the
city block and implement the idea of the ally as a pedestrian way.

2) Absorb parking demand from three adjacent blocks to allow for there to be
future on-street development. 

3) Re-define the Broadway edge with retail spaces at ground level in buildings that are comparable in scale to the west side of the street.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Fargo, ND, US