Wilson Gomez

Wilson Gomez

Shanghai, CN

Competition Board
Competition Board
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Floating Stage

New Floating Stage individual design entry for Dawntown's 2011 International Design Competition.  The stage compliments the historic Miami Marine Stadium, which is planned for renovation in the near future.  The stadium is located in the Virginia Key basin, and the design closely follows the criteria & guidelines set forth by Dawntown and Friends of Miami Marine Stadium (Contrary to any of the winning entries).  Features include;

  • Adjustable canopy for event venues including large screen movie projection.
  • Flexible configuration to expand for a variety of events including concerts, orchestras, theater, sports, lectures, etc.
  • Perimeter or interior stage seating configurations.
  • Environmentally safe and maintenance free marine application materials.
  • Mobile and modular design, lightweight structure.
  • Designed to fit and stow within the shallow Virginia Key basin.
  • Practical, functional, and iconic design

The software used is AutoCAD for 3D modeling, Form-Z for rendering, & Photoshop for presentation boards.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Miami, FL, US
My Role: Designer