Jinsook Lee

Jinsook Lee

Jersey City, NJ, US

Pattern of Urban, Suburban and Rural
Pattern of Urban, Suburban and Rural
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Albany-Hudson Growth Corridor

Today, the Hudson Valley is losing farmland, forests and open space that support the regional food systems as well as its value as a rural and pastoral landscape. This is primarily caused by suburban development. Sprawl creates substantial challenges for public amenities, services and equitable transportation. The growing and expanding population in the Albany metropolitan region threatens to worsen land use pattern cause by sprawl. The Upper Hudson Valley must adopt effective ways to protect its ecosystem while strengthening existing communities.

We ask: How do we create a balance between healthy and productive growth and healthy and productive communities?

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Status: School Project
Location: Hudson Valley
My Role: Research, Story Telling, Cartographic Mapping and 3D modeling
Additional Credits: Team: Richard Chuo, Lorena Galvao, Peo-Jou Shih
Instructor: Justin Moore, Lee Altman, David Smiley, Michael Murphy