Alessandro Puglierin

Alessandro Puglierin

Carpi, IT


Snake on the water

"The snake on the water" was designed in Annecy (France), near by the lake. It represents an excellent opportunity to connect a residential area to the public zone in front of the water mirror. The architectural project represents a single entity with commercial spaces, different services and living areas. The snake’s head, dominating all the green area and the Annecy’s Lake, is the Auditorium. The initial idea was to create buildings with different height and width in order to get a connection between the lake and the big construction behind. As it get closer to the lake, all the buildings decrease their height, to ensure the continuity of the uneven ground. The project includes three underground blocks as parking areas in order to create some public spaces on the ground floor. Living areas and public terraces are created by perpendicular volumes connected to the "snake", making a “promenade” that starts from the first building for reaching easily the lake. Another characteristic of this design is the pedestrian bridge that cross the most important road in Annecy. In the ideal project it represents the main gate to the city.

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Status: School Project
Location: Annecy, FR