Jordi Ma Lu

Jordi Ma Lu

Barcelona, ES


Teahouse II

“Teahouse II” is a new type of boutique hotel that offers a living experience surrounded by the nature. It offers a bedroom and a transparent bathroom opened to the forest and the bedroom, making privacy nonsense in the middle of the nature.

The glass used for the bathroom is one-directional, which turns to be a mirror from the outside by reflecting the beautiful surroundings. The main material is wood, used for the walls, floors, and the furniture especially designed for the bathroom that arranges the basin and the toilet.

“Teahouse II” is a self-sufficient building that uses water from the nearby spring, electricity from the solar panels, and it is equipped with air conditioning and internet connection.

The balcony is as big as half of the size of the bedroom, and offers wonderful views of the mountains.

This ecohouse can be easily assembly in-situ and all elements are designed for easy transportation to the mountain. So it can be placed in any spot that offers fantastic views.

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Status: Built
Location: Beijing, CN
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Designed in collaboration with Jinyi Hwang as a private project from Turenscape.
Photo credits: Shihao Xiao