Karen Cuadro Esteves

Karen Cuadro Esteves

San Juan, PR, US


M.Arch | Thesis: "Imagen e Identidad: El caso del Viejo San Juan" (Image and Identity: The Old San Juan case"

In the early 1900’s the existence of different types of architecture in the “Old San Juan” has been established with the new North American Government.  Since then, the “Old San Juan” has been in a constant and rapid change in where its architecture coexist, dialogue and represent its changes and growth in time.

When the ICP (Puertorrican Institute of Culture) was founded in 1952 a new method of intervention has been established for the rescue of our Spanish architectural legacy. This important process in the historic preservation of our culture is also the key to the frozen image of today’s Old San Juan and its Disneyfication.

Mimesis, auto reproduction and Disneyfication have been the action taken by the AHJ's since its beginning. The main purpose of the project was to create a statement on urbanism and patrimonial interventions. It intends to bring a new form of living the historic site behind the contemporary look and the communication between the old and new buildings as it has been established in the early 1900’s.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Juan, PR, US