ryan m bloom

ryan m bloom

Chicago, IL, US


traditional concept, alternative approach

urban modular housing

third year studio (fall 2009)
project location Chicago, Illinois

Housing is a traditional and very common design challenge throughout the world. Urban housing involves density, creating challenges between the closeness of neighbors, the need for public space, and the design of comfortable, sustainable living within a cost-effective means.

This design studio challenged the idea of looking at urban housing with an alternate approach: modular construction. The utilization of this method allows for the building of multiple prototypes in a quick, efficient, and cost effective way. However, looking further at the overall layout of space, the challenge surrounded the design of a more sustainable, modern modular housing solution without compromising the simplicity and efficiency that modular housing presents.

The site was a standard Chicago city block with a one-way street through the middle. Moving the street toward the east and utilizing diagonal parking allowed for more green space without compromising parking. The housing solution encompassed two different prototypes, both of which could be mirrored, allowing for a slightly changing facade texture while limiting construction to only a few different modular constraints. The overall product encompassed a unique, affordable, and sustainable new design solution to a traditional design problem.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, Illinois