ryan m bloom

ryan m bloom

Chicago, IL, US


noin tab (elderly tower)

tall and green: seoul, south korea

fifth year studio (spring 2011)
project location Seoul, South Korea
traveling studio with the CTBUH
partner Matthew Abbott

The Tall and Green Traveling Highrise Studio, sponsored partially by the CTBUH, is directed towards changing the students’ thinking about highrise design and impact. The students travel at the beginning of the semester to the location for which the studio is directed to experience the culture and determine the “agenda” for which they will design their building. Therefore, each set of partners in the studio develops a different project with a different program geared toward improving the society through highrise design.

Our studio was focused on Seoul, South Korea. While Seoul is very developed, my partner and I decided to focus on a major problem plaguing the city: it’s rapidly aging population. We set our agenda to focus on a highrise for the aging, focusing on the changing family structure, social needs, and design implications surrounding the topic.

By 2050 over 40% of South Korea’s population will be over the age of 65

South Korea’s traditional living patterns are changing dramatically. The homes that once housed up to three generations of family are undergoing a transformation into single family and private apartment living.

• To create a vertical residential community for older people, bound together through a program of recreational and leisurely pursuits
• To bring the most popular leisure activities for older Seoulites - trekking in the mountains - into the city through the creation of a “mountain path” within the new complex
• To make this mountain path a public route and so extend the public park that is Seoul Forest into the vertical realm, and create engagement between the public and the elderly residents of the towers
• To create a series of public functions along this route,including exercise spaces, lounges, small cafes and small library, while ensuring a sensible division of public and private routes and space within the scheme
• To create a series of significant, open green spaces in the complex for recreational purposes and to for bringing nature up into the sky
• To create a unique living experience for the South Korean elderly through the arrangement of living and guestaccomodations and the other programs

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Status: School Project
Location: Seoul, South Korea