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ryan m bloom

Chicago, IL, US


developing sustainable communities

coffee storage banda in uganda, africa

sponsor Crop to Cup Coffee Company
IIT Interprofessional Project 333 (IPRO 333) (2010-2011, ongoing beyond IIT)
project location Uganda, Africa
team project (team leader spring 2011)

The IPRO program encompasses a project-based curriculum involving a team of students from a variety of disciplines. Our IPRO team, IPRO 333 was approached by Crop to Cup Coffee Company to address community and coffee quality issues in the Bugisu region of Uganda, Africa. The goal was to use locally available materials to design a common space building where Ugandan coffee farmers could organize their crop for direct export. To this degree we designed a three-building coffee storage hut, or “banda” that would be used for office space, sample tasting and storage, and coffee storage for export. Designed using earthbag construction, the project uses almost entirely site-available materials (earth) to construct a self-supportive dome structure.

Benefits of the project include:
• minimal transportation costs
• cooler, drier storage space more ideal for the storage of coffee
• improvement of overall coffee quality and consistency among farmers
• central community location will allow for knowledge exchange
• the community building together will begin a new level of interaction not previously seen
• improved quality of coffee brings more income to farmers, increasing overall standard of living
• introduction of a more effective building technique for that region of Uganda

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Uganda, Africa