Laurie Feldman

Laurie Feldman

Brooklyn, NY, US


Solvay Coke Brownfield Restoration

Group Project with Jed Terc

The two main focus points of the plan are Kinnickinnic Avenue and the potential new addition of a Metra stop on the Kenosha Racine Milwaukee line just north of the development site.


The Solvay Coke site is at a crossroads for these districts where its location makes it an ideal locationto be developed in a way that unites these distinct Milwaukee neighborhoods.Our goal for the Solvay Coke site is to create an urban development that serves as a transitionfrom its industrial past to a new sustainable future. The proposal combines high density housing,including mixed use development, with commercial spaces, all anchored by an industrial base.Placing a focus on making the river the amenity, for the immediate area and the whole city ofMilwaukee, it could and should be.

The Solvay Coke site will be a popular and vibrant, multi-faceted destination for commuters,residents, workers and visitors to the City of Milwaukee.

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Status: School Project
Location: Milwaukee, WI, US