Laurie Feldman

Laurie Feldman

Brooklyn, NY, US


Rosehill Mausoleum

“A new mausoleum building for an historical, inner-urban cemetery.”

Cemeteries in our cities are reaching a problem where traditional in ground burials are runningout of land to be buried in. Utilizing the mausoleum we are able to bury up wards towards thesky, saving land space for future cemetery expansion.

This studio examines the problem of land for burying, focusing on the use of Pre-Cast concrete as a main material, students are invited to re-evaluate the concept of the moden mausoleum,re-define the current practices of mausoleum design, and re-think the traditional way landscapesare treated in cemetery design and find a commonality between landscape and building.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US