Laurie Feldman

Laurie Feldman

Brooklyn, NY, US


Heirloom Eco-Village

Group Project with Megan Wade, Nathan Sylvester, and Jason DeGeeter

A 144-Acre site in Kankakee, IL, family owned farmland, within the Limestone Township.

Along with creating a master plan for the township, we were to convert the 144 acres into a self sustaining community. Program includes enough farming to sustain all families living on the site, a community center to, and a commercial use space, and space reserved for prairie restoration. Residences needed to be a mix of single and multi-family homes.

While a the site plan, and township master plan, was a collaborative process, my main work in the project was on the community center, and residential housing.

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Status: School Project
Location: Kankakee, IL, US