Matthew Cruite

Matthew Cruite

Washington, DC, US


Urban Rainforest

Due to the size and restrictions of the Harvard Square site, the choice of animals becomes limited to ones that do not require vast amounts of space. In addition, cities are complex organisms that function on a large variety of systems, professions, and people. Dense rainforests function similarly to cities; they are highly complex and diverse, and are created through years of competitive evolution.  Cambridge, being the fifth most densely populated city in the United States and the second most in the State of Massachusetts, could be a sort of “rainforest” because of its high level of diversity, multiple infrastructural systems, and layered history.

The project engages the site by separating into three distinct programs: public, rainforest exhibit, and private. The public program engages the street as a sidewalk bypass, allowing pedestrians to casually enter and observe the rainforest directly off of the street. The rainforest exhibit is sandwiched between the two, inhabiting the majority of the inner volume. Finally, the private program consists of adminstration offices and below streetlevel, laboratories, holding pens, and veterinary workspaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, Massachusetts