Matthew Cruite

Matthew Cruite

Washington, DC, US


Local Radio Station

The project seeks to understand the relationship between two different scales of the tactile and the unreachable through the exploration of the advertising and broadcasting of local media and its subsequent experiential promotional qualities. Rather than treating radio as an abstract scaleless entity seemingly in all places at all times, an architecture will be created that unites these differences, altogether creating a sensory completeness.

The density of foot and car traffic at the intersection of Skinker and Delmar serve as an unofficial “Portal to the Loop,” which maximizes exposure and ensures a sufficient vessel necessary for an advertising architecture.  In addition, its location as the joint between North St. Louis, South St. Louis, University City, and Clayton mean that all residents will have access to this shared venue space.

A venue, in order to attrach patrons, must engage the public’s interest. In a context such as the Loop, self-promotion is vital to success. An architecture seeking to build community through media must also address multiple scales of interaction.  The building may address the functions as an architectural marquee, one that utilizes its central location to maximize community advertisement.  The methods of attraction and subsequent promotion serve to ignite a continuously regenerating process of production and consumption of community media, reinforcing and transforming cultural identity.

Long-spanning trusses are employed to hang a stained-glass curtain wall around the exterior, in addition to supporting the main loads. A translucent glass framework is suspended from a light-steel network outside of the exterior curtain wall that functions as a “media wall.” This media wall consists of a consistent grid of fluorescent lights that project pieces of images through the back onto the translucent panels. Coordinated altogether, these lights can project moving or stationary images for all to see.

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US