Shawn Lutz

Shawn Lutz

Houston, TX, US


Adaptive Gallery

This short competition was directed by the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London to create an adaptive gallery along the Thames River that could be mobile to many tourist sites. At each stop along the river, the adaptive spaces would be integrated with the gallery as an extension of the site’s program. The solution was to emulate the barge’s existing structure, to make enclosures within and a common open area atop. These volumes would alter to create an open observatory deck where the program could spill onto the docks of each unique programmatic site.Perforated panels and translucent skin, manipulated to diffuse or control light and air, would shelter particular programmatic needs. This careful study of the spaces allowed for travel along the river to view the city as a spectator wouldn't normally experience.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: London, United Kingdom